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Prisma Health Children's Hospital–Midlands

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Other Pediatric Specialties

Adolescent medicine

Adolescent Medicine focuses on the care of patients ranging in age from their last years of elementary school through their high school graduation.


The pediatric anesthesiologists at Prisma Health Children’s Hospital–Midlands provide safe, optimal conditions during surgery while also providing care to make the entire hospital stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible for our pediatric patients. Our equipment and techniques are specifically suited to the size and age of your child to help ensure a successful outcome of the procedure and anesthesia. Our pediatric anesthesiologists work with other doctors such as pediatricians, surgeons and other specialists to improve the quality of your child’s entire experience before, during and after their procedure.

Cochlear implant program

Cochlear implants are performed at Prisma Health Children’s Hospital–Midlands through the Cochlear Implant Program by an ENT-otolaryngologist. 

Ear, nose and throat

A team of expert ear, nose and throat specialists have high levels of experience treating pediatric ENT disorders at Prisma Health Children’s Hospital–Midlands. Common procedures performed include:

  • Airway and breathing disorders
  • Pediatric nose and sinus problems
  • Tongue tie (Ankyloglossia)
  • Speech and language disorders
  • Pediatric head and neck tumors
  • Ear infections including swimmer's ear, otitis media, middle ear fluid (serous otitis) and chronic otitis media
  • Throat problems such as recurring sore throats, tonsil and adenoid problems, bacterial tonsillitis, pharyngitis, peritonsillar abscess and sleep apnea


The Prisma Health Children’s Hospital–Midlands Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Prisma Health Richland Hospital offers your family and your little one our medical expertise and heartfelt concern. Prisma Health Richland Hospital, adjacent to Prisma Health Children’s Hospital–Midlands, has a Level III NICU to care for these critically ill babies. 

Plastic surgery

Highly-skilled surgeons specializing in the latest cosmetic and reconstructive operations can be found at Prisma Health Children’s Hospital–Midlands, treating our youngest patients. These surgeons perform a full range of plastic surgery services, both reconstructive and cosmetic, including:

  • Birth defects of the face and skull (cleft lip and palate, misshapen skull) 
  • Birth defects of the ear (protruding or absent ear) 
  • Birth defects of the chest and limbs (misshapen breasts, webbed fingers and toes) 
  • Injuries to the head, face, hands, arms and legs 
  • Birthmarks and scars 
  • Burns 
  • Cosmetic surgery to improve a child's self-image


Prisma Health Children’s Hospital–Midlands pharmacists offer a wide range of clinical support with regular clinical services and dedicated infectious disease services.


Pediatric radiologists provide broad-based imaging services and interventional radiology at Prisma Health Children’s Hospital–Midlands.

Sports medicine

Our pediatric sports medicine specialists work with adolescents and teens who have an injury or illness affecting sports performance, exercise or activity. 

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